Anglesey updated Masterplans (June 2013)
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The Company

A dynamic leisure and residential development company focussing on environmental awareness and ‘low energy’ mixed use resorts. A company that delivers a ‘legacy’ for local communities, promotes partnership and great design and recognises its responsibility to develop in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Chief Executive Richard Sidi - successful residential and leisure developer.

Chairman Brian Scowcroft - a well renowned economic and social entrepreneur.

The company’s objectives are:

  • LEGACY - To develop economic legacies for local communities that enhance local tourism and build new homes that create new environments with sustainable employment opportunities.
  • LEISURE DESTINATION - To deliver large scale eco-leisure villages that will become a unique leisure ‘destination’ and a hub for
    regional activities.
  • PARTNERSHIP - To work with local stakeholders creating a combined approach to addressing local needs.
  • EDUCATION AND TRAINING - To support Youth and Education to improve local skills
    and training.
  • LOW ENERGY ACCOMMODATION - To develop contemporary and flexible property with low energy consumption and emissions.
  • MIXED USE - To develop a mixed use portfolio of property that enables people to live and work close to retail and leisure facilities.

“We always strive for great design and modern building methods that compliment stunning locations to develop places where people want to live and tourists want to visit.  We build quality ‘Environments for Life.”

Richard Sidi, Chief Executive, Land and Lakes (Anglesey) Ltd.

“Land and Lakes (Anglesey) Ltd is backed by the Kingmoor Park Properties group, an organisation which values communities and has a history of holding onto assets for the long term and investing in community infrastructure.  We are also well versed in delivering large scale economically important projects which are designed to
regenerate areas”. 

Brian Scowcroft, Chairman, Kingmoor Park Properties Ltd.